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articles regarding threats to American Democracy and other progressive topics


The 14 Defining Characteristics of Fascism

  In my last post on this website I suggested that the Republican candidate, Donald Trump is taking his party and his followers down a very dangerous and dark path. Historian, Ken Burns was...


The Presidential Election of 2016-Reality TV or the Rise of Fascism in America

Watching with disbelief as the 2016 Presidential Race has unfolded in the United States, it is hard for many of us who feel most secure in the “middle of the road,” to accept and...


The 2016 Candidates Clerihew Contest

What’s A Clerihew? What in the world is a Clerihew? A verse that’s amusing and probably true, For example, a nicely barbed spoof, Of some prominent political goof! That was written like a Clerihew...


The Unraveling of America

In 1964, a year after President Kennedy was assassinated , as a 20 year old, I decided to join the Peace Corps and was fortunate to serve two years in Chile. Like many young...

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