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articles written related to current culture and politics in the United States with a progressive message for improving life for the majority of Americans


Thinking About the Problem of Hunger

Today my plan is to bake bread. It is a homey task and an escape from the convoluted ups and downs of the past weeks and months of being mired in contentious political debates...


The Politics of Kindness

What’s wrong with our communities? Why don’t we help each other more? Why don’t we elect politicians who are kind? In my teaching career, I taught every elementary grade but kindergarten. I spent the...


The 2016 Candidates Clerihew Contest

What’s A Clerihew? What in the world is a Clerihew? A verse that’s amusing and probably true, For example, a nicely barbed spoof, Of some prominent political goof! That was written like a Clerihew...

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