Fool Me Twice! Finding Your Inner Newt Gingrich

DeWayne Rail

DeWayne Rail surfaced to political consciousness during the 1960s and the Vietnam War. He was a progressive Democrat then and has seen no reason to change his mind since. He is a great believer in social programs that help the little guy and the average citizen.

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4 Responses

  1. Sarah Reves says:

    I agree that Bill Clinton was a high-functioning Republican. Three-strikes and you’re out, among other things as mentioned, set the stage for conservatives.

    • DeWayne Rail says:

      Thanks for the comment, Sarah, and for reminding me of that catchy slogan. I’m going to look it up and try to find where it originated. I wish I had remembered it for the article. It’s a perfect example.

  2. larryhillart says:

    Make America Great Again has been with us since the first slave driver saw the glint of freedom in the eyes of one of his workers. Thanks DeWayne for this clear-eyed report.

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