Our Mission

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Groundswell America is a movement whose purpose is to promote and elect to public office only those men and women who will genuinely champion the rights and needs and interests of all the people, as opposed to those elected officials who merely pretend to serve us while, in fact they are serving the excessive, immoral and insane interests of  super-wealthy organizations and individuals.

We invite you to join the ever growing Groundswell of Americans who intend to put their heads, hearts, values, time, attention and money into the great work of forging new ways to make this government of ours a government that truly is Of, By and For all Americans.  This will require not just activism, but activism in great numbers, on a new scale.  Not a knee-jerk activism that is content with gestures and naive forms and levels of participation, but an activism that is muscular, creative and shrewdly practical in the methods it applies.

We hope you will join us in seeking to rescue this country of ours from the truly dangerous state it has been put in, and to then strive to express, more fully than ever before, those ideals and values we cherish as citizens of these United States of America.  We at Groundswell hope to model ourselves after the Fabians (click on tab above for a detailed description of the Fabian Society)  believing that each of us in our own way can contribute to positive change based on simple values of equality and human dignity.  These are basic rights that all decent human beings must strive to foster and respect in ourselves, our children and of course in the culture we live in.