Thinking About the Problem of Hunger

Victoria Rail

Victoria Rail is a Co-Organizer of Liberal Ladies Who Lunch in Austin, Texas. She has a deep interest in progressive politics and working with like-minded thinkers. In a past life she worked as an elementary educator for twenty-five years. She taught every grade from first through sixth and was a mentor teacher for nine years in California's Mentor Teacher Program. Since retirement, Victoria has focused on many of the interests her career kept her from. Among these are painting, writing, grandchildren, and promoting sanity in American politics.

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2 Responses

  1. Sarah Reves says:

    Beautifully written. Frighteningly informative. Prompting me to rethink my priorities.

  2. Jackie Neuman says:

    Thinking of any child suffering from hunger anywhere in the world is so painful. That children in the United States are suffering from hunger is a symptom of our failed system of both trickle down economics, and of a government that represents the interests of the people. It is shameful and sad that a country that could easily feed every citizen, refuses to do so. It is time to examine our morals and values or lack thereof. Thank you Tori, for this well researched thought provoking article.

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